Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guest List: Bank Robbers--> Checked In!

So I realize it's been awhile since I've last posted, however it doesn't mean that the TL has been without excitement. In fact, just last week our lovely little hotel was swarmed with police cruisers. Eight in total to be exact! Let me tell you about my day...

It's 9:30am and a woman from one of the rooms on the top floor calls down and asks me if she can stay another night. I tell her that yes she can but I would need another night's payment by 11am. Less than half an hour later, she comes down and pays for the room with 1 fifty dollar bill, $20 in toonies, $5 in loonies, $22 in quarters, one dime, and three pennies. I thought it was odd that she was paying in such small change but I never asked about it. She joked that she had so much small change because she was a waitress and it was from tips. I thought to myself, "if I was a waitress getting tips wouldn't I try to exchange all those quarters for perhaps a twenty and a toonie... you know, lighten the load?" Of course, I never thought anything further... I was being handed money, that's all that mattered!

Just before eleven, a male guest walked through our front lobby out into the parking lot towards his car. All of a sudden there were three dark SUV's that raced into our parking lot and cornered the guest's car. Two people from each vehicle jumped out, drew their guns, and was forcing this person onto the ground face down. It was quite litterally like something you see on your television!!!

One of the officer's came in yelling, telling us to stay away from the windows and duck behind the front desk. She then told me to figure out which room this guest was tied to then asked if there was someone else in the room. That room was the same one that the woman with all the small change came from! Three other officers ran upstaires. The woman was just closing the room door when they burst through it. I was sitting in the back office and all I could hear is the police officers yelling at her to get down on the ground with her hands behind her back. The woman must not have ever been arrested before because she seemed to be scarred shitless (pardon the language) as she was bawling her eyes out while they brought her downstaires in handcuffs and placing her in one of the awating police cruisers. Once the male suspect noticed that she had been hancuffed and was crying he was trying to console her by telling her everything would be alright, meanwhile he himself was being shoved into a separate police cruiser.

Of course with all this excitement comes the paperwork and so I had to give a statement (which I have never done before... shocking). They took whatever information we had on the two suspects, and the room that they had occupied was under investigation for a little more than 24 hours.

The police at the time only told us that the male was suspected of robbery. However it wasn't until this Tuesday that we read in the paper that not only were these two suspected Bank Robbers, they had robbed 11 banks in the past 7 weeks!!!

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All I have to say is CRAZYNESS!!! Too much excitement for one day!


  1. Karina:

    How can you take so much excitement. Are you living on Canada's Most Wanted?

  2. Wow, exciting story. Guess it was a little scary at first. Good blog

  3. Haha, thanks all. Yes it was a very weird and exciting day all at once.