Thursday, March 18, 2010

Apparently the Sky is Falling...

For most people change is good. It means fresh, new, starting over, a revolution perhaps. But for some, change is worrisome, troubling, depressing, and a time for panic!
The latter seems to be the consensus around the TL lately. Without going into too many details (for fear of offending anybody or airing out dirty laundry in the public sphere) the TL is changing and it's people have started to panic. I am not criticizing the thought to panic as I myself turned quickly to panic when I saw the forthcoming changes but I have other panicking issues at hand that need to be taken care of.
The atmosphere here is heavy and depressing. While I don't usually wake up at 5am to gleefully jump out of bed and sing my way to work, it has become a major burden to even think about coming in the next day.
If you can't tell... I do not do change very well...

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