Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seniors from Newfoundland Are the Best!

This week the local Legion is putting on a curling tournament and has booked four of the eight competing teams in our hotel. We have seniors from BC Yukon, Moncton New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland!!!

Now, I really enjoy it when we get a hotel full of seniors. For the most part, when we have seniors staying at our hotel for Lawn Bowling, Darts, Curling, or any other sport-like function, the seniors that stay with us are usually the type that are always happy, quite funny, and healthy overall.

The group that is currently staying at our hotel is quite lively to start with, but the group from Newfoundland is hard to top! When they come back from the evening get togethers and dinners they are usually the ones who noticeably had a little too much wine! They are also the ones who are most sociable with myself at the front desk.

One senior in particular (I don't actually know his name but let's call him Sam... he seems like a Sam) has been giving out little trinkets almost every time I see him. The first morning they were here, he comes up to me and hands me a Newfoundland Flag pin and says "here young lady, this here is the Newfoundland Flag." Having just taken a vacation to Newfoundland this past summer, I replied "I know! I went there just this past summer!"We then started talking about where and when I visited and he asked me if I spent some time on George Street. (George Street is one street that is probably about a kilometer long and it only has pubs, clubs, and bars, as well as a little stage in the middle where they have outdoor concerts (that's where I saw Trooper!)) I told him that we did spend some time on George Street and that I was actually fortunate enough to take in the George Street Festival. Sam explodes and gets the attention of one of his teammates and says to them, "John! This here young lady's been to George Street!"

I'm not exactly sure why he had made a big fuss about it, but I was all aglow because talking about my trip brought back warm and fuzzy feelings and memories of my wonderful time there.

Later on that day, Sam came back to me and handed me a pen. He says "You'll like this here Newfoundland pen... you know, really it's actually a cheap pen but you put a moose and write Newfoundland on it and they charge you a fortune. For you my dear, it is free!"
I of course went home all beaming and excited to even be able to talk to someone about my trip let alone have little goodies from my favorite place passed on to me!
The next day, Sam comes up to me again and hands me this very colourful calendar and says "a gift from me to you!" I was starting to think I was his favorite person after all the little things this wonderful senior had given me. If only he could bring me something more than a little trinket... haha, I'm joking! I really enjoy listening to most seniors' stories and life experiences but I have yet to have a senior quite a funny, witty, and generous as my Newfie friend Sam!

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